The talk around town continues to be about 'The Last of Us' television series.

The popular video game from 2013 has been transformed into one of the most popular TV series in HBO's history.

Its premiere episode came out just over two weeks ago, and owner of Evelyn's Memory Lane Diner says their location was featured for about 10 seconds or so.

However, if you're paying attention to the scene the two characters run out of the diner into someone else's back alley.

"I think that's hilarious but that's the magic of Hollywood. I mean, he [main character Joel as played by Pedro Pascal] literally pops out of my pop fridge is where he comes in from an imaginary room that was never there.  So, I think that's just the beauty of Hollywood. It was a 10-second scene, maybe 15, and the kitchen was definitely my kitchen but yeah, Hollywood... he runs out the door and who knows where he is."

Poudrier says he's had some great reactions from tourists stopping in.

"There's been a few reactions where I was talking to a fellow the other day and he was just coming around; he's taking pictures of all the different locations himself and he came here and he's like 'Is this the place?'... yeah, this is the place. It's been really enjoyable."

Quite a few scenes in episodes one and two feature a lot of High River locations.

The third episode was just released this past Sunday, Jan. 29.

Poudrier is taking it all in stride and is grateful for the positive attention given to the town of High River.

Evelyn's Diner is attracting some tourists to townEvelyn's Diner is attracting some tourists to town