Livingstone Macleod MLA Roger Reid has announced he's not going to run in the provincial election next May.

In a facebook post Reid says after much personal wrestling and conversations with family and friends he decided to withdraw his name from the United Conservative Party nomination for the riding.

He says he had hoped to serve a second term but he no longer feels it's possible.

He adds it's been a tremendous honour to represent the people of the Livingstone Macleod riding as the MLA. 

He'll continue to be focused on the needs of Livingstone Macleod through the end of my term.

Reid admits the last couple of years have been particularly challenging for and while neither he nor the government have been perfect, he believes the work they've done has put Alberta back on track. 

"We are stronger and in a better position to weather the current storms than we were four years ago," he says.

"As I end my term, I will ensure that the concerns and the needs of Livingstone Macleod are kept in front of our Premier and her cabinet until the next election is called."

His departure makes way for former People's Party of Canada candidate Nadine Wellwood, who announced last month her intentions to run in the riding for the UCP.

It could also open the door for Premier Danielle Smith to run in the riding once the election is called for May 29th.

Smith lives in High River in the Livingstone Macleod riding.