An MLA's resignation in the Brooks-Medicine Hat riding leaves the door open for Livingstone-Macleod MLA Roger Reid to stick around for the next provincial election.

There had been questions about Reid's future with Premier Designate Danielle Smith living in High River and whether she would run in her home riding.

Reid released a statement this afternoon (Oct. 7) where he said he'd made it quite clear to Smith that he was hoping to again represent Livingstone Macleod moving forward. 

He says until this morning he was still unsure of whether that would be an option, but he's pleased that he'll be seeking the UCP nomination again.

Reid expressed his gratitude to Michaela Frey for "her faithful service to the people of Brooks Medicine Hat through three very challenging years. Michaela is a person of impeccable character and a strong voice for conservative values. Today she made a further sacrifice for the people of Alberta by resigning her seat to make way for Premier Designate Danielle Smith to be elected to the Alberta Legislature. Michaela’s selfless act has also opened the pathway for me to move forward with my nomination here in Livingstone Macleod."

His statement concluded:

"As we move forward, the most important thing is to be a united voice for Alberta, to re-elect a Conservative government that will continue to build a province that is the economic engine of this country.

As we complete this term, I am committed to continue to advocate for the issues I have heard from my constituents this summer: to address the cost of everyday life burdening Alberta households, to work to ensure we have a strong, responsive and sustainable public healthcare system that supports all Albertans and to continue to build a smaller government that leaves more of our hard-earned money in the pockets of Albertans, where it belongs."