Lindsay Sears says,"If you want something bad enough you can achieve anything."

Pro barrel racer, Sears says, "My goal is to win a little more money, get a little bit closer to closing the gap on first place, and to set my self up for a chance at the NFR title."

Sears is sitting second in the National Finals Ladies barrel racing standings, and eighth in the Canada standings.

Sears plans to run her horse, Moe, at the CFR again this year in November, and save Martha for the NFR in December.

"She knows what she's doing, the healthier she is and the more rest she can get the better off I am going into the NFR. I don't make any competition runs after the season really. They need a break, they had a long year, and the break is usually the best thing for them, "says Sears about her horse Martha.

The barrel racer has had a good season so far, she started out slow, and really made some ground this summer.

The highlight of her season was winning Houston, which enabled her to go to less rodeos, made things easier, and gave her horses more time off.

Sears has plans to slow down next year and have less rodeos on her schedule.

"I'll be taking the young horses more and that sort of thing, I'll be taking a little different route next year than I have in the past seven years, so I'm looking forward to that,"says Sears.

She says, "She's looking forward to watching other barrel racers progress, as she slows down in the sport."