The Okotoks Oilers are playing a pivotal game seven tonight (April 30) in their second-round matchup in Brooks at 7:00 p.m. with the series tied 3-3.

The Green Army might have noticed a change to fan favourite Sam Huck's jersey in game six. Huck was donning the "A," having been rewarded for his work on and off the ice to help with the loss of assistant captain Logan Magowan due to an injury. With Magowan likely out for game seven, Huck will continue to wear the letter on his chest.

"It has happened a few times throughout the season, when we have guys out of the lineup or when guys who normally wear it aren't playing, I get to wear it. It's a pretty big honour, getting to wear it a few times, it still feels special to get the opportunity," Huck said.

"I'm more of a quieter guy, so I tend to try and lead by example on the ice. I do talk when I have to, when the boys are getting down, I try to get them back to feeling good. I just try and lead on the ice and do what I can to get people to work hard."

The line of Huck, Tapper, and Wilson have gotten on the board with Tapper getting the majority of the points, but when they aren't scoring, their line has been getting very noticeably involved in the play and using their speed to create opportunities.

Pucks haven't found a home as much as the regular season with Huck and Wilson, but it's only a matter of time until they start getting past the netminders.

"With Brett and I, we just have so much fun together, playing on the ice and off the ice. When we are on the ice together, we are just trying to do whatever we can. We know each other and know each other's skills, so it's easier to work off each other. He's a fast young player, so I like playing with him. Him and I can create offence that way," he said.

"Me and Jagger work out together in the summer, we skate together and get a feel of how we work together. When they put us two together, we talk about what plays we can do, what we see on the ice when we do get opportunities and we just try to implement that more and more when we get on the ice together."

Even with being one of the smaller guys on the team, Huck has thrown his weight around during the year and taken his fair share of hits. One extremely noticeable thing is his will and grit to continue playing after absorbing a hit.

"At this point, the last few years I have got used to getting hit like that. When it comes down to it, I don't want to stay down for too long and impact the play. If I get taken down, I want to get right back up. Maybe try and get another chance or get back to the defensive zone," Huck said.

Another component of Huck's game is his speed, something he uses to his advantage to create plays for himself and his teammates.

"I think that's my biggest skill as a player, using my feet and using my speed. Some games I don't always use it, so then I have Deis (head coach and GM of the Oilers) getting in my head making sure I'm skating and being fast because he knows I can be one of the fastest guys out there. So, I try and use it the most over everything else," he said.

During the best-of-seven series with Brooks, the Bandits have been trying to get under the skin of the Oilers and Huck by giving out late hits, face washes and any little annoying play to try and steer the ship in their direction. Huck who has been a victim of the Bandits' late whistle attacks has a good approach to not letting it affect his game in a bad way.

"I get frustrated and then I just use that to my advantage. I get mad, play harder, play faster, I know it's going to come, I know they are going to try and get under my skin. They are maybe not the cleanest plays, but nothing I can do about it when they are doing it. I just got to do my best, not let them get under my skin and just keep trying to win games," Huck said.

"I hope our team can come out and play how we can play. We hit them, play fast, all the boys going hard, and just having fun out there too. If we aren't having fun what's the point of playing at that point?"

"All year leads up to these, everyone loves these moments and wants to play in these moments. I'm so excited to get started."

For the Green Army who want to attend the game in Brooks, the Green and Gold are having another fan bus leave today at 4:45 p.m. and you can purchase the tickets by clicking here.

Anyone else who can't make the fan bus can still listen to the game on the Eagle 100.9 or visit Okotoks Online to stream the game, pre-game show starts at 6:45.