When the 2023 provincial election rolls around next spring there'll be a familiar name on the ballot in the Highwood riding.

RJ Sigurdson says he'll be running again for the UCP.

As co-chair of the committee on EMS services, he's excited about the recommendations they'll put forward and wants to see the work completed.

"I tried to explain to individuals that though I've been on a committee like APAC and there's going to be a lot of incredible recommendations coming forward, you know it's going to take us some time to address this EMS situation fully and the health care situation fully and really that's become my primary focus now and moving into the next election is we've had these conversations for many years and I really want to continue to work hard and bring that voice to the table about ensuring we take our current health care system and make sure it's the best possible and make sure it's focused on patient care," Sigurdson says.

He says when he first ran for the nomination he made a lot of promises to voters and believes he's followed through.

Sigurdson cited the Foothills County - Town of Okotoks water announcement, bringing back business to Alberta and his work on the EMS committee that he co-chairs as achievements during his last term.