Since 8 a.m. on April 1st, an anti-Carbon Tax Rally has been held at the Highway 1 and Highway 22 intersection West of Cochrane.

The rally has been causing traffic delays and the RCMP has been re-directing people to different routes around the rally.

On April 2nd, Alberta RCMP issued a statement, remind people to remain safe at the protest.

"The Alberta RCMP respects and supports the rights of Canadians to peacefully and lawfully ­­gather and demonstrate as guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our impartial role today, as with any protest, is ensuring the public’s right to a safe environment, while protecting the demonstrators’ rights to a safe, peaceful, and lawful demonstration," read the RCMP statement. 

The RCMP state that there were approximately 50 vehicles at an approved protest in the Crowsnest Pass region, and while enroute to that protest site, five large farm tractors caused a multi-vehicle accident.

When the RCMP tried to stop them, the tractor drivers refused to stop.

The incident is under an ongoing investigation and serves as a reminder that protests on the side of public highways is not safe.

Even though they have been working alongside the protesters on Highway 1 to help ensure everyone's safety, the RCMP will remain onsite to make sure people remain safe, lawful, and do not impede the flow of traffic along the busy corridor to the West. 

"We do not take enforcement action lightly, but the safety of motorists, protesters and a traveler’s right to use a public highway must be maintained. It is extremely unsafe to stand or impede traffic on a public roadway," the RCMP stated.

They also want to remind people that it is unlawful for a vehicle to be parked or remain stationary on a highway unless it has broken down or in cases of emergencies.

We will provide more updates as they come.