A draft of the new High River Town Plan was rolled out at the last Council meeting on Monday, April 22.

It was only the first reading with a Public Hearing scheduled for the May 27 Council meeting. 

To help get you up to speed the entire draft is available for you to peruse.

If you wish to find out more about participation in the May 27 Council meeting, click here.

The Town of High River also has more information on its website.

The last Town Plan was from 2009, it was known as the Municipal Development Plan then.

If this draft is approved it will replace the current plan for the next two decades, right up to 2044.

The draft was worked on not just by Town Council members but also by volunteers from the community through the Town Plan Task Force.

The task force was developed in 2022 and with support from the Town Administration, they've developed a set of guiding principles and nine goals.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass was on the task force and is looking forward to the plan getting final approval.

“I am confident this plan stands out as being made in High River, for High River,” said Mayor Snodgrass. “The vision, goals, and policies reflect the values and aspirations of High River residents. They also include valuable input from our youth, who will be most impacted by the policies incorporated in this plan as it guides our growth to 2044.”

The nine goals relate to fostering a small-town feel, responsible growth, interconnected community, Health and well-being, and Parks, recreation, and the environment.

After the May 27 Public Hearing the next step is submitting the plan to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) to go through their approval process.

The second and third readings are tentatively scheduled for August, depending on what the CMRB says.