The Rotary Club of High River is hosting their Move for Polio walk tomorrow morning (October 21).

They're inviting High RIveriters of all ages to join them at George Lane Park to raise funds and awareness for the paralyzing disease.

Rotarian Alison Laycraft says it'll be an accessible, inclusive family event.

"There's two walks, one is like a half hour, one's an hour, so if you just want to go for a little jaunt, that's fine. And although it's a fundraiser, you do not have to pay anything, it's a free event for everyone. If you want to bring a 20 to slip into the bucket, there will be some of our Rotarians there collecting some money, but it's really about getting the community together and walking out in our urban forest which is along the river and to the west of George Lane Park."

Rotary International has been working to eradicate polio for over 35 years, with polio cases decreasing by over 99 per cent since then.

Laycraft says it wasn't long ago that polio was a major concern for families all over the world.

"I talked to my father-in-law the other day, and they weren't allowed to play with kids where there had been polio scares in families. It was isolating, kids ended up in the hospital, some kids died, many couldn't walk, many were in iron lungs for a number of years. It's amazing, the work that's been done. It's nice that we have this history of success with polio... One of our own, Ev Doherty, is a polio survivor, so it's kind of near and dear to our hearts."

They'll be meeting at the concession stand in George Lane Park tomorrow, with the walks starting at 9:30 a.m.