High River's Chantel Wiebe is competing this weekend in the Ms. Calgary pageant.

Wiebe's been competing in beauty pageants since 2016 with this upcoming event being her fourth.

The young mom already has accomplished quite a lot, winning Miss Teen Alberta which she says is still one of her highlights.

"And my parents actually got to come on stage and crown me for that. That was so cool. That is still one of my favourite memories."

She's also picked up quite a few awards after only competing four times, including an international award.

"I won Miss Teen Canada Charity so that took me to the Dominican Republic in 2017 for Miss Beauty International. I took second runner up and then won an award for 'Most Captivating Eyes' and another one for 'Prettiest Face'. And then in 2020, I competed for Miss Universe Canada.

As far as this weekend's competition, it all kicks off this Friday, June 8, in Calgary.

"There's a silent auction, there's the talent show, and we do our fashion show that night. We have a few local Calgary sponsors that have sponsored some outfits for us to wear so that'll be fun. Then we get to pick one from our closet as well and then the actual pageant night is June 8th."

Wiebe also said that entering the pageants has been a real boost for her self-esteem and she's really excited for this weekend.

"Now I know who I am. I know who I want to be and where I'm going in life, so I feel like I have a lot more confidence and a lot more to present."

There's also an interesting fundraiser that Wiebe is very passionate about supporting.

"This pageant organization does a partnership with an organization called 'Gems for Gems' in Calgary. And this goes towards the charity portion of this competition. So, I am looking for anybody that has gently used costume jewelry that they would like to donate. It all gets repurposed, cleaned up and repackaged and sent to women in domestic abuse shelters for holiday gifts. If you have anything to donate reach out and let me know. It's one of the favourite parts of the competition."

You can find out more and get tickets at the Calgary Pageant website.