High River's mayor wants to make something clear.

He has not provided Tidewater Resources with a letter of support for a bio-digester at Rimrock Feeders.

Craig Snodgrass says the company's application to Alberta Environment and Protected Areas claims they have letters of support from Foothills County and the Town of High River.

"The problem is, you're telling the Alberta government you've got support from surrounding municipalities when you don't, whether it's part of the application process or not formally, it doesn't matter, it still causes a lot of angst for people and I've had people angry at me for putting this letter together, so we've been running around putting out fires before they get started," he says.

Snodgrass says a letter of support does exist from Foothills County, but they do not have a letter of support from the mayor of High River or the Town of High River in support of the project.

Council still has a lot of questions about the bio-digester like how close it'll be to the town and how effective it'll be at eliminating odours.

He's contacted Tidewater officials and they've agreed to put out a public statement confirming the mayor's account.