The fourth annual High River Garden Tour is set to start on Saturday.

While the Garden Tour consists mainly of local residents showing off their beautiful layouts, the Munroe Barn Sheppard Family Park will also be holding a traditional tea experience with two different times for service. The first tea will be served at 11:00 a.m. and go until 12:15 pm, with the second serving to be held from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

Marie Corns, a committee member of the High River Garden Tour explains how the event continues to grow.

"The Garden Tour is a fundraiser through the Rotary Club and the proceeds are going towards supporting the Museum of the Highwood and Sheppard Family Park," Corns said.

"We keep getting bigger and better each year, so we have had some great response from the community and great response from community members willing to open their gardens to any of the participants. It's great, we've got not only local homes on the tour, but we have the venue as well at Sheppard's Family Park which offers a variety of things to do at the park."

The Garden Tour is a great way for people who have a passion for sprucing up their gardens and getting input from those who have their gardens on display. Attendees are encouraged to talk to the local community gardeners to get some insight into how they put it together and what plants they have chosen to look after.

Sheppard Family Park will be open to the guests as well giving an extra special experience to those attending.

"They have the blacksmith shop there, and other opportunities to explore a little bit of heritage from our area. We also have the venue which is an open concept site in High River that is open and promoting arts in High River. There will be artists and some photography set up in the barn at Sheppard's Park as well, and I believe there will be some musicians playing music and some speakers," she said.

Tickets are limited but can be bought through Tickets for thee Garden Tour only cost $25, with the traditional tea tickets going for $45.

The Radiothon is today.