The High River Fire Department has aided in wildfire fighting up north.

Chief of Fire and Community Safety, Cody Zebedee says they've been sending help up since spring.

"This summer's been pretty interesting obviously with all the wildfires that have been all over the province so starting back in May of this year we sent some crews up to Edson and Fox Creek to help support up there and after that we sent one of our guys up to Fort Chipewayan in northern Alberta as a structural protection specialist and so he was up there for just about two weeks. 

Back in June we ended up sending another crew and our structural protection specialist to Edson and recently, in August we ended up sending one of our wildland trucks and a structural protection specialist to Hay River and currently they're still up there with the hopes of having them back here in the next few days," Zebedee says.

He says when crews are sent away on the deployments it's done with careful consideration to make sure the town and the community remain well protected.

"Quite often they'll be members that are on their days off and some of our casual members going and supporting as well.

He says it's a way to pay back communities that sent help to High River in the past.

"Ten years ago, after the flood, we ended up receiving a tremendous amount of support from other municipalities, other agencies, so this is one of the ways we can give back to those that helped us ten years ago."


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