If you don't see your climate action incentive payment, this might be why.

The federal Climate Action Incentive (CAI) will see a boost in the amount the rebate offers for those living in the province.

On April 14, Albertans should receive:

  • $193 for an individual, up from the previous $134.75
  • $96.50 for a spouse or common-law partner, up from the previous $67.50
  • $48.25 per child under 18, up from the previous $33.75

Other rebates for the CAI will occur in July, October, as well as January of next year.

However, to receive your payment on April 14, you and your spouse or common-law partner must have completed your income taxes before March 24. 

If your tax returns are assessed after this date, your payment will be included in the July payment.

An extra 10 per cent is eligible for families in rural and small communities.

To find all the details on the CAI, click here.