Something cool is happening today!!
The sun will be up for slightly more than 12 hours. This is true no matter where you are on this planet Earth.

There are only two days each year when daylight and darkness are in near-perfect harmony. One of which is today! (Sept 23rd)
The fancy name is Autumnal Equinox and arrived around 8:50 this morning. Marking the official start to the Fall (or as some people call it... Autumn) season. 

This equinox is the halfway point between our longest and shortest days of the year. It’s the exact moment when the sun appears straight over Earth’s equator (that dotted line around the circumference of your globe) and our entire planet receives the same amounts of daylight and night. Cool, hey! 

Every six months when we have this equinox, we focus a lot on the word “equal” — after all, the word “equinox” comes from Latin and means “equal night.”
As we are getting into a very political time of the year let's focus on the beauty around us and that awesome word... Equal. 

Happy Equinox!