Diamond Valley had a grizzly bear roaming around the ball diamond area and Millennium Park last week in the area formerly known as Turner Valley.

The town put out an alert to residents via social media last Thursday, August 10 especially since many recreation facilities are in the area.

The campground, the Dr. Landers Memorial swimming pool and the Friendship Trail are all within the immediate area.

There were no issues with any interactions with people or pets, but the town reminds locals to be safe and offered up some guidelines: 

  • Stay Alert: Keep your eyes and ears open, especially if you're hiking, jogging, or picnicking in the area.
  • Travel in Groups: If possible, avoid going alone. There's safety in numbers.
  • Make Noise: Clap your hands, talk, or use a bell to alert bears of your presence and avoid surprising them.
  • Carry Bear Spray: Keep bear spray accessible and know how to use it in case of an encounter.
  • Keep Dogs Leashed: Dogs can attract bears. Keep them on a leash and under control.
  • Avoid Food Odors: Properly store food and dispose of trash in designated bear-proof containers. Keep garbage and compost bins stored inside garages or sheds if possible, keep BBQs clean and be sure to keep trees picked clean of fruit to avoid human-bear interactions.
(photo supplied)(graphic art supplied by the Town of Diamond Valley)

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