Get ready High River for a new bakery.

Fans of Kaiser's Olde Style Bakery from Black Diamond have been eagerly awaiting their return as they've been following their updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Well, it's now been announced that they will be re-opening, this time in High River.

The grand opening is planned for Friday, March 29 and they're moving into the strip mall on 1st Street SW between 6th and 7th Avenue SW.

The windows are papered up right now as renovations continue in anticipation of the March 29th grand opening.Kaiser's Olde Style Bakery will be opening up next door to Juniper Creek.

Martina Kaiser wears the crown for the business that bears her name and is thrilled to bring back her long-missed delectable German delights to the Foothills.

"We are really excited to come to High River that's for sure."

Martina Kaiser, owner of Kaiser's Olde Style Bakery is getting ready to open up shop in High River.Martina Kaiser, owner of Kaiser's Olde Style Bakery is getting ready to open up shop in High River.

It's been a year since they had to close their doors at their former location in Black Diamond, which they ran from 2019 until 2023.  They ran into some bad luck with their sea-can freezer breaking down causing tens of thousands worth of damages they were unable to recover from. One year later, they've resurrected the business and look forward to bringing their goods back to the Foothills.

With over 20 years' experience as a baker and chef Martina says you can expect the same high quality the bakery is known for.

"We'll have a big pretzel assortment, we have all-scratch baking, all our breads are real German traditional baking and the breads we have are all non-GMO products. We import our products and ingredients from Germany, this is why they're all non-GMO certified, and our pretzel recipes are over 150 years old, yes, they are real authentic pretzels."

Not only are the pretzels authentic but everything is, including the recipes that have been passed down for generations which started with her grandmother in Germany.

"I have recipes from her from 1920 and even before from her mother, which we are using in the bakery."

And talk about bread, you'll have a lot of choices once they are fully operational.

"We have a lot of rye varieties... when everything is stocked up, we'll have between 16 and 25 different real German authentic breads from rye to whatever you can imagine. We have bread without any flour, this was for my celiac and gluten allergy customers as well... they really appreciated it."

They also make sugar-free products for diabetic customers and take special requests, too.

Breakfast, lunch and traditional German food are also back on the menu.

"For now, we'll just make the traditional farmer's breakfast and such. Our big seller was the 'fit and shape' which is avocado on toast on our protein bread with eggs and microgreens. We also make homemade soups, and we will have schnitzel days and real traditional food like Rouladen." 

And if you're wondering why she chose High River to re-open it was thanks to a local long-time resident and big community supporter Roger Hamel from CDI International

"Well actually this is a pretty funny story. So, I contacted Roger at CDI [International] here in High River, as he deals with sea-cans and transportation. We met about two months ago... we talked, and it was really actually just about moving my sea-can to another property... and a few hours later Roger got me back on track and said 'hey, you know we need a bakery in High River so you should really think about that' and from then on everything went in the right direction in which it should, and actually Roger convinced me to pick up my apron again and give it another go."

Kaiser is also happy to report she's fully staffed including the return of her pastry chef.

Usual business hours will be Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for now until the new website is ready. You can also call 587-586-6841.

See some of the tasty treats in the photo gallery below.  All photos are from their Facebook page.

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