John Bailey, Superintendent of the Foothills School Division, says he looks forward to tackling next years learning agenda.

Superintendent John Bailey's first year with the Foothills School Division is about to wrap-up.

Bailey says it's been a great year full of success and getting to know staff. He says the division is made up by a hard working team.

"The commitment of staff across the division to students is wonderful and to see them be successful, that includes all our staff, that's really been impressive to me," he says, "I really notice that and appreciate it very much."

For the upcoming school year Bailey says he's looking forward to moving ahead with the learning agenda.

"We have a new high school that was approved by the province that work will be starting to move forward on next year in more visible terms. Some changes we've made in Okotoks, as far as moving students, is to make better use of our facilities so maybe we don't have some of our schools, especially Westmount, quite so overcrowded."

Bailey adds he looks forward to continuing to get to know people better in the Foothills.

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