M.D. Residents are calling for change to a well traveled and busy section of highway between Okotoks and Black Diamond.

Many who live along the busy highway say they feel endangered driving on it, and hate how often serious accidents take place.

Tammy Holunga lives along 48th St.

She says she's sad for all of those involved in yesterday's incident, and wonders how many people have to lose their lives, before something changes.

"How many more collisions do we have to have?" Holunga Adds "I know it's sad, but they won't make any changes until there's been too much fatality, but why do we let it get to that point? Aren't we already there?"

Holunga says she is scared of driving this section, but doesn't have a choice.

"When I'm trying to turn onto my own road 48th st. I cringe." She shares, "I look into the rear-view mirror and I think to myself, God, I hope these people see my signal lights and know that I'm stopped and turning."

After seeing so many collisions on the busy highway, Holunga feels as though there are options to make it safer.

What she doesn't understand, is why they haven't been done yet?

"The ditches are huge, there's certainly room to put turning lanes in, if not twinning the whole section. It's just such a busy roadway, it doesn't make sense to leave it, especially as the population grows."

Holunga says this will be a huge election point for her and her family, as the M.D. of Foothills Councillors get ready to campaign.

She adds that she feels conversations need to be started with the Province about making this road more safe for all drivers.

Yesterday there was a four vehicle collision that lead to a fatality on Highway 7 at 64th St.

Okotoks Fire Services, Deputy Chief Seymour, confirms there were 9 patients taken to hospital by ground ambulance as well as two infants involved.

Witness reports say a westbound vehicle came to a stop, to make a left-hand turn at 64th st. The vehicle behind them slowed to a stop but was then rear ended, by a 3rd vehicle causing a chain reaction and a head on collision. 

There has been no official statement released, or word as to whether alcohol, speed or distracted driving was a factor.

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