The weather over the past week has been no joke. 

From -40 C to multiple days of snow, don't you feel like you just need a win? How about winning this 2024 Jeep Wrangler Sahara from Your Alberta Jeep Dealers and our station!?

Here are four wintery reasons you need this Jeep: 

  • It has a heated steering wheel. This feature is the best when your gloves just aren't cutting it. 
  • Dual climate control. We all know someone who is always cold. I'll control my temperature, you control yours, and we'll live our best lives.
  • Heated leather seats. Leather seats are beautiful, but they can be ice cold after a -40 C night. Not anymore with these heated seats for your backside. 
  • This Jeep comes with two sets of tires -- winter and all season. No more slipping and sliding with these bad boys. 

Enter to win the $70,000 Wrangler we're giving away and find more information on the contest, here