The Foothills School Division (FSD) is asking parents, teachers, and staff to provide their input.

Alberta Education has launched a survey on cellphone usage in schools to gauge public opinion.

On their website, FSD is encouraging locals to participate in the survey, citing a rise in cellphone usage from students.

An FSD school, Highwood High, implemented a rule that cellphones must be kept in lockers or not brought to school whatsoever in the Fall of 2023.

The 16-question survey includes questions about whether students should be allowed cellphones at all, if there should be a different approach to cellphones for different grades, and whether participants feel the presence of cellphones has increased the number of bullying incidents.

According to the provincial government, the results will "help inform future government direction on cellphone use in schools."

The deadline to take the survey is May 3.

It can be accessed here.