Foothills residents are invited to make their voices heard when it comes to future developments of the county and surrounding areas.

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board recently launched a public engagement campaign, the results of which will be utilized in the Regional Development Plan. The plan will guide 10 Southern Alberta Municipalities as their populations increase in the coming years.

Transportation, water, recreation, flood preparation, and agriculture are just a few elements to be addressed in the plan, and that residents can weigh in on.

Foothills County Reeve Suzanne Oel says it can seem like a lot to digest, but the information is presented in a concise manner, and there are several different ways to contribute.

"It presents it in a manner that's comprehensive and yet not too long, in order to give the opportunity for people to provide their answers. They've got quick polls, and surveys, and numerous ways for people to communicate, and it's all online."

Okotoks Mayor Bill Robertson was quoted in a press release relating to the campaign.

"What we hear from the public will help us build a plan that reflects the values of our communities and supports sustainable growth in the region."

Oel echoed the sentiment, stating that with 10 municipalities taking part, it's important for Foothills residents to share their thoughts and values with respect to the region's growth.

"We need to capture the rural, suburban, and urban views in there; I think that'd be helpful for getting a really good cross-section of all the voices that are out there."

For more information on the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board or to take part in the feedback process, click here.


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