The snow we saw last week in Southern Alberta won't be a trend.

Temperatures are leveling out this week after the dump of snow and frigid temperatures the week prior.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Justin Shelley says it won't exactly be a heatwave, but it'll feel a lot more like Fall than it did just a few days before.

"We're not going to get into quite as warm of an airmass as we enjoyed earlier in the month, but certainly it will bring temperatures close to normal for this time of year in the Foothills region. Normal daytime highs are in the five or six-degree range for this time of year."

Luckily, Halloween night won't bring bone-chilling temperatures.

"Tuesday specifically looks like a particularly nice day for Halloween. Those temperatures are going to be in the mid-to-high single digits above zero, peaking in the afternoon. If you are heading out in the early or late afternoon hours, you're going to have a very pleasant time. Even into the evening around sunset, those temperatures are going to drop down to the low single digits or near zero," says Shelley.

They are monitoring a system that could bring rain or snow to Southern or Central Alberta later in the week but at this point, it's too early to tell if it will affect the Foothills.

Drivers should be aware of freeze-thaw conditions, with overnight temperatures still falling below zero.

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