Two impaired drivers were removed from the road in the last week of February in the Foothills.

That's according to the latest Mountie Moments newsletter from the Foothills RCMP out of Diamond Valley.

Each edition of Mountie Minutes typically includes information on one or two impaired drivers who were removed from the road, usually first offenders.

Under the Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension Program, first occurrences within a 10-year period result in a three-day seizure of the driver's vehicle, a 90-day license suspension, and one year where the driver must participate in the AALS Ignition Interlock Program in order to drive.

Also included in the latest Mountie Moments update were two break-and-enters in the eastern portion of Foothills County and the theft of a vehicle from Diamond Valley, though the vehicle was found in Calgary the next day.

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