International Coffee Day was this week, on or around September 29th or October1st or......

It really depends on who you talk to, or what country you are in, some countries celebrate this day in the Spring. The only thing for sure is that most people worldwide, feel this beverage should have a day of recognition and many people simply celebrate it daily. It really is a global connection beverage.

So, in honour of International Coffee Day, I am dedicating my Foodie Friday to it.

There are many quotes and sayings about coffee and I haven't found any that are negative or anti-coffee. Seems lots of folks enjoy a good cuppa joe.

Now for the debate about what constitutes good coffee. I have my favorite. I am sure you do too. I am also sure that a town hall debate about coffee could be held and numerous opinions would be offered. There is no right or wrong, that is the beauty of it. Coffee is lovingly nicknamed many things too. Joe, Java, Mud, Brew, Bean Juice to name a few.

Now for a little history lesson.

It is thought that in the 9th century a goat herder in Ethiopia began experimenting with the pits of the coffee berry after noticing the stimulating effect on his goats.

Ha ha, I have to stop here, I am just imagining goats on caffeine.

Over the centuries this elixir has evolved and has become what it is today.

Caffeine effects aside, it has been a social drink for centuries. Discussions over a cup of coffee. A get together with friends. Coffee breaks and meetings at work. The coffee date became popular due to the potential time frame, it could be short, if it is not going well, or a long and lingering date if it is going well. It is said we live in a “Coffee Culture” because coffee houses and cafes have become the social gathering place. Whether it is that morning boost or that evening social gathering, coffee is often the center of attention. It has made its way into our food as well, some savory recipes are laced with the stuff, you wouldn't know its there but somehow makes it better, many desserts contain coffee, and my favorite, the chocolate covered coffee bean. So good.

So raise a cup and take a moment to thank the good people everywhere that help us enjoy our daily ritual, from growing the beans, to roasting them to perfection, to selling the beans, and preparing this lovely brew for us.

Cheers, we salute you.

~ Tracy