The nation is celebrating Food Day Canada this weekend, to show support for all the industries that make meals possible.

Karley Rumpel, Public Trust Specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, details just what the plan is to broadcast that to the general public.

"Food Day Canada is an opportunity to celebrate our farmers, ranchers, agri-businesses, and cooks that produce and contribute to Canadian cuisine and to encourage Canadians across the nation to celebrate."

"In Saskatchewan, we're really proud to produce safe, healthy, and affordable food for people at home and around the world. So celebrating Food Day Canada really helps connect consumers with where their food comes from by highlighting our farmers and ranchers that grow the products that we serve right on our own dinner tables."

Events will be happening in some cities, with eveyone else getting the option to join in through social media.

"On Food Day Canada, we have campaigns across the nation where you can shine a light on Canadian cuisine. Niagara Falls and the CN Tower will be lit up led to celebrate Canadian cuisine, there will be places across the province as well," said Rumpel, "Then there are also social media campaigns where people can post their Canadian food and get out and support your local restaurants to support Canadian farmers, ranchers, and businesses."

 The agriculture sector will also be a part of the day as an indispensable part of the food industry.

"I would say the agriculture industry has a part to play in that they are celebrating the farmers and ranchers themselves," said Rumpel, "So we have a part to play in encouraging people to celebrate, talking about what we're doing, and supporting our next step in the chain and going out to those local restaurants and supporting the chefs."

Rumpel says she hopes to see plenty of people both at events and participating online.

"People can get involved with Food Day Canada by visiting and pledging Canadian and using the #FoodDayCanada on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter."