A Facebook group has been started as a directory for Halloween displays in Okotoks.

Dave and Renee Albas, whose spooky display has been turning heads on Cimarron Boulevard, launched the 'Okotoks Haunted houses/displays' group over the weekend.

Since then, it's amassed nearly 300 members.

They started the group because Okotoks doesn't have a Halloween equivalent of Christmas light tour maps, despite the abundance of Halloween lovers in town.

Locals are invited to post pictures of their displays along with their street name in the group or to just browse and find displays they want to see in person.

Renee says there are some practical applications too.

"It's good too for the little kids that, on Halloween, might not go up to certain houses. If they have an idea of where these houses are prior to Halloween night and look at it and they go through it in the daytime or even at night without the strobe lights and sounds, they'll be less scared to come enjoy it with everybody else on Halloween night."

The Albas' have also used the page to let community members know of a "sensory-free' viewing they'll be hosting on Hallow's Eve from 6-8 p.m. Those interested can visit their display and grab some candy without the noise and lights that'll be running on Halloween night.

Dave and Renee have been horror fanatics for all their lives and have been gradually expanding their display over the course of four years.

This will be their second Halloween in Okotoks and while last year took them by surprise, this time around they're pretty well prepared for this year's horde of trick-or-treaters.

"We had about 580, almost 600 kids. We ended up going to the dollar store twice during Halloween night to restock our candy because we were out. We're anticipating in the 1000 area this year. We are accepting food donations as well for the Okotoks food bank," says Dave.

They moved to Okotoks from southeast Calgary, and Renee says the community was pretty quick to embrace them.

"I find that Okotoks has been very welcoming. It's constant, every time we put something up it's all over Facebook, we have people popping by all the time. I find Okotoks is a lot more receptive than Calgary, I think Calgary is just way too big for that kind of atmosphere, I guess. We love Okotoks for that."

The Facebook group can be seen here.

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