With this current heat wave blanketing Alberta it's also affecting the conditions in Banff.

The extremely dry and hot conditions has the national park under an 'extreme fire' danger level.

They made a post to their Facebook page earlier this week.

Attention: The current fire danger level in Banff National Park is extreme

While naturally occurring wildfires (ex: lightning strikes) can not be avoided, we can avoid human-caused fires. it is important to follow safe practices when enjoying a campfire in Banff National Park. Help protect this special place.


Campfires can only occur within Parks Canada provided metal fire rings or boxes.

Fires must be attended to at all times. Never leave a flame unattended.

Completely extinguish campfires with water. Before leaving it, soak it, stir it, and soak it again until it is cool to the touch.

Campers are required to purchase a fire permit.

Campfires are not allowed in some backcountry campgrounds.

If you see any wildfires, illegal campfires, or suspicious smoke, please report to Banff Emergency Dispatch: