The province has enacted a 'Time of Day' fishing restriction effective immediately in the Eastern Slopes (ES1) fish management zone.

It means fishing is not allowed from 2:00 p.m. to midnight in the ES1 zone.

  • all rivers and streams (flowing waters) in fisheries management zone ES1, including the Bow River downstream of Banff National Park to Bassano Dam (this includes Ghost Reservoir, Glenmore Reservoir, Bearspaw Reservoir and Bassano Reservoir)
  • St. Mary's River mainstem (including tributaries) below the St. Mary's Reservoir in fisheries management zone PP1

It starts today, Wednesday, July 26, and will remain in effect for a minimum of 14 days.

The restrictions are due to the low river flows and high temperatures.

Thresholds have been set for trout in the province:

  • when average daily water temperatures exceed 20°C for three or more consecutive days and,
  • when flows in the Bow River are below the 25th percentile for 4 or more days at that time of year.

The EPA will continue to monitor conditions and, if needed, will implement restrictions for another 14 days.