Adrienne McColl's tragic story is getting some attention from a crime TV documentary shining light on the case.

McColl's life was taken away on Valentine's Day in 2002, with her body having been found on a farm near Nanton Alberta, a day later.

The case remained cold for 16 years, until advancements in forensic technology led to an arrest in 2018.

Stephane Parent, McColl's then-boyfriend was charged with second-degree murder in September 2021 and was handed a life sentence in January of 2022.

The documentary features interviews from retired RCMP Calgary Major Crimes Unit Corporal Peter Lablanc, who got the call when McColl was first found, as well as retired RCMP Forensic Crime Scenes Investigator Constable Bob Dunlap, getting their points of view during the search for McColl's murderer.

To watch the full documentary, click the video below.