The Town of Diamond Valley has found their new CAO.

On Wednesday (Feb. 28), the town announced Adam Davey would be stepping into the role.

The media release from the town provides a look at Davey's background, having formerly been an army officer with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and more recently serving as the Director of Public Safety and Community Services with the City of Prince George. 

Mayor Barry Crane is eager to move forward with Davey in the role.

"Adam is definitely up for the challenge and enjoys the change, and his educational background as well as his professional background shows that he's a solid candidate, a solid employee, and an ever-changing life learner. He likes challenges and we said, 'We've got one for you.'"

Though the town is past the arduous amalgamation process, Crane says there's still plenty to keep Davey busy.

"Now that our first year is under our belt as a new community amalgamated, we are seeing massive interest in development. A lot of infill permits have been applied for and approved. We're never going to be out of the water, as it were, with a drought coming on in terms of what's coming next from a municipal point of view. There's always something new happening, it's an ever-changing environment, so our new CAO is going to have his own challenges coming in... As a community, you're always faced with new challenges, new difficulties. That's part of what makes it so fun and interesting."

Davey will assume the role on March 1.