It's no surprise to anyone that it's been a hot, dry summer.

What may be a surprise though is the lack of big grassfires in the area.

"We certainly had some dry and hot weather this summer but overall, for the most part we had very few wild land fires and ones that we did have tended to be relatively isolated and not turned into large events," says High River Chief, Fire and Community Safety, Cody Zebedee.

"With everybody being super cautious and having that good understanding of how dry the conditions were, really helped mitigate some of our potential for wildfires in our area."

Zebedee says because it was continually on top of people's minds, they may have just been more careful.

"People maybe think twice before they throw a cigarette out the window or do something that would potentially create a fire hazard or create a fire in the community.

He says more moisture would be welcome.


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