A proposal for a residential development in De Winton is being met with resistance from locals.

At today's (April 12) meeting, Foothills County council will be considering a request to rezone a 67-acre parcel in De Winton from agricultural to country residential in order to build 12 lots.

The request has been met with resistance from De Winton residents, who have raised a number of concerns about the potential development.

De Winton sign

One of their qualms has to do with the area's historical significance, with a long stretch of the Old Macleod Trail running through the area.

Old Macleod Trail was a major route for ox-wagons and stagecoaches in the late 19th century, pre-dating the railway. The area is home to a few Old Macleod Trail markers, as well as some old grain elevators, which are also a beloved landmarks for locals.

Grain elevators

Those opposing the development feel they'd be losing part of the area's history as well as the scenic view from their backlots, but their concerns reach beyond aesthetic preferences.

The lots would be situated on the 'Well Water Hill,' which gets its name from its functionality as a water source for residents. Those who draw water from wells in the area say the supply is already stretched thin, and the fact that these new residences would be built uphill of existing ones is increasing existing anxieties of water availability and runoff from fertilizers that they fear will have an adverse effect on local wildlife.

The introduction of new residences also has locals worrying about potentially depreciated property value.

A few residents have signed up to appear at the public hearing, and a petition has been started.