The Okotoks Dawgs are paying tribute to Don and Doc Seaman by having four red seats installed at the Stadium in the sea of green seats.

Vice President of Promotions, William Gardner is very proud of the tribute to the Seaman brothers and explains why they made the choice to honour them.

"I think it's very important to acknowledge where we come from. Where we come from is a rich legacy of baseball passion. This stadium and facility stands as a tribute to two philanthropists, two businessmen that stood with us. They stood with us based on a circumstance and it all began with one sentence. That sentence was this, 'we got to build that team a stadium'," Gardner said.

"With that, Don Seaman took the initiative along with his brother Doc to invest nearly $20 million in what is a world-class facility and without a doubt the best of its kind in our nation."

There are some other additions to the Stadium like a new video ribbon board, but Gardner was vocal in saying the four red seats are his favourite new piece added to the park.

"Those seats stand in honour and in tribute and mark in legacy in support of Don and Doc Seaman. In perpetuity those seats will remain to honour those two and the way they stood with us," he said.

"John Ircandia says it best, 'Yankee Stadium is the house that Ruth built, While Seaman Stadium is the house that Don built'.  We are honoured a privileged to recognize their support with those four seats in our stadium, my favourite upgrade."

The four red seats can be viewed and sat in along section 107 and row F at Seaman Stadium.

The Okotoks Dawgs will host the Sylvan Lake Gulls tonight at 7:05 in the third game of the season.