Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Service (FWES) received a report about a possible cougar sighting within Okotoks on January 3.

According to the statement, "The witness said she was walking her dog in the Sheep River Valley in Okotoks when she noticed a deer running in her direction. She noted that it was being chased by what she believed to be a cougar."

Luckily, the cougar was more interested in the deer as it chased the deer past the witness and her dog.

While Fish and Wildlife officers are monitoring the situation, they do say that cougar sightings are rare and generally avoid populated areas.

"However, it is important to know what precautions to take and what to do if you encounter a cougar. FWES recommends travelling in groups and carrying some form of protection, such as bear spray. If you see a cougar in the distance, do not run or turn your back. If the cougar appears to be unaware of your presence, gather children and pets in close, slowly and cautiously back away and leave the area."

If you do see a cougar, make sure to call Report-a-poacher at 1-800-642-3800.

For more information about cougars, check out the Human-Wildlife Conflict page on the Alberta Government webpage.