Claresholm is the location for French-born Adrien Hemart whose passion for horses has led him to help residents train their horses to be safely ridden as a colt starter.

Hemart gives credit to his father and his older brother for getting him involved with horses at a young age.

"My dad had a couple of horses growing up, and then my brother bought his first horse when he was 13 or so. I was two years younger than him, so I was hanging out with him all the time and then I bought my first one when I was 14," Hemart said.

He would move to Quebec from France when he was six years old, started to take part in rodeo with bucking horses when he was 19. After he heard about how big the rodeo was in Claresholm when he was 20 which was about 13 years ago.

From there he would work on ranches and found his love for starting colts on the ranch. For those that don't know what colt starting is, Hemart explains what his passion entails.

"I take clients' horses in to get colt started. Also, older horses to kind of get tuned up, they are already going but they might haven't been ridden in a few months or years, so I just kind of tune them up," he said.

"Some colts hardly have had a halter on. First thing first, get a connection with horse, you know kind of tell them that I'm here to help them out and teach them, not to break them in half. So really a connection, a relationship to build up on that. Get them so they are quiet and get them ready for the next step, and on, and on, and on."

Hemart joked that he is "a horse person, not so much a people person."

For those who would like to get their colt started so they can safely ride their horses, you can visit his Facebook AH Horsemanship or find him on his personal account which is Adrien Hemart on Facebook.

Make sure to book sooner rather than later as he is booked up and he can only train about 12 horses a month.