Results are anticipated for later today as strike preparation continues.

Voting is still underway for Cargill members as they consider the company’s new offer.

Though their mood is quite positive, prep work is still underway at a potential Cargill strike location.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union has stated that they will support members in whatever decision they make.

Portable washrooms have been delivered, and the union has also started putting up tents in case a strike commences.

The new offer they are voting on today includes some major changes.

Here are the significant highlights.

- As much as $4,200 in retroactive pay for many Cargill union members

- A $1,000 signing bonus

-A $1,000 COVID-19 bonus

- A more than a $6,000 total bonus for many members 3 weeks before Christmas

- A $5.00 wage increase (21% over the contract) for many employees that is well above industry standards

- Improved health benefits (psychology, massage therapy, etc.) for Cargill workers and their families

- Significant contract provisions to facilitate a new culture of health, safety, dignity, and respect in the workplace


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