About 1,300 vehicles were on display Sunday during the first annual Brian Chipchase Senior Memorial Show and Shine in High River.

There were estimates there may have been another four to five hundred in town that weren't registered.

Roger Hamel with the River City Classics Car Club says it wouldn't happen without their volunteers.

"We're always nervous, do we have enough people, are we going to be able to get this done, but the burnout's a prime example, there's people almost tripping over each other, setting up the fencing and helping out with the berms and doing whatever we need," he says.

Hamel singled out Wes Shaw and Shawnee Trucking and Peter Hampton for all of the work they put in to make the show and the burnout the successes they were.

Tracy Cuffe with Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society, which took on the organizing, says it went really well.

"We had no major problems as long as the patrons and the car goers were happy we were happy so anything else works out in the wash, we'll figure it out to make things a little better next year, we're always looking to strive to make things even better," Cuffe says.

Money raised from the event will be split up between many different organizations later this year.