Student at Blackie school got a taste of their new digs and the end of the last school year.

But this is the first full year they'll be in the modernized building.

Foothills School Division assistant superintendent Drew Chipman says they can't wait to show it off.

"It's great, back in the Blackie school, it looks fantastic, we're going to be having an open house for parents and for the community, we're looking at doing that kind of a grand opening towards the end of this month, the beginning of next month, as soon as we can coordinate that with the community and Alberta Education," he says. "So it's an exciting time certainly and I know students and staff are excited to be back."

There's been a great deal of concern among some Blackie and area residents about the Community Hall coming down and using the school for community event, especially those where alcohol may be served.

Chipman says the modernization was done in consultation with the community and the plan was always to allow the community to use the new facilities.

"We have an agreement and that agreement speaks to how we're going to be putting in some formal structures on how that'll work and that hasn't been completed yet but we certainly do know that that school's going to be available for the community to use, we're just finalizing with the County as to what that exactly looks like and that should be happening pretty soon this fall so everybody has some understanding of how that's going to work." Chipman says.

Foothills County says the Community Hall has been condemned and has to come down.

The Blackie Community Hall                                                                                              The Blackie Community Hall