High Riverittes shouldn't expect any amenities if they visit the old Beachwood Estates area.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the Town's going to be putting it back in its natural state, just as it was decided after the 2013 flood.

"I think the important thing that we wanted to get across to staff is that there's not a lot that's up for discussion in that area from council's perspective, because the Beachwood area exists as it does now because of the 2013 flood and because the people who were bought out, as the Province wanted to remove those homes and allow that area to go back to nature and be part of the floodway without those homes in it, and that's the piece we have to remember and have to respect," said Snodgrass.

Roads, utilities and sidewalks will be taken out while residents will still be able to go for a walk in the area.

"As far as going to the public to ask what they want to see in there is not up for discussion, the only purpose for that area is as a floodway to protect the town of High River," the mayor says.

A gravel parking lot will be built inside the gates at the south entrance along 12 Avenue to keep drivers from parking along the road or blocking the gate.

Councillors discussed the size of the lot and how many vehicles should be allowed in it but in the end, it was decided to keep it to the size of the area already, as the mayor says "a dump area right now" so no more vegetation is disturbed than is necessary.

Now that a plan's in place it'll go out to tender and then the work can begin.

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