There's an exhibit at the Museum of the Highwood that almost everyone can relate to.

"Be Prepared: Guiding and Scouting in High River" shares the long history of the Guides and Scouts.

And an intern, Delainey Niven from Nanton put the entire exhibit together.

Curator with the museum, Irene Kerr is thrilled with how it turned out.

"Our Young Canada Works and Heritage intern was with us for six months. She did a wonderful job and part of her work plan she had to create an exhibit on their own. So, she chose Guiding and Scouting in High River."

The Medicine Tree highlighted in this piece from 1960 when it was still alive and they used to visit it.The Medicine Tree was the inspiration for the yellow coloured memorabilia from 1960.

"It's a really neat exhibit. I think almost everybody was a Scout, a Cub, a Guide, or a Brownie. It'll be on for the month of April. We also have a book there if they want to write their memories down."

And it looks like the exhibit will be extended into May wrapping up near the May long weekend. 

The exhibit is also near and dear to Niven's heart as both her grandmother and mother were in Guides, as she was. 

Quite a few items from the Holmes family in High River are on display dating back a few decades.

Future Prime Minister of Canada, Joe Clark also applied to be a Cub back in the day.

Future Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clark applied to be a Cub.Future Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clark applied to be a Cub.

And Girl Guide cookies have been around for a long time if you look at the licence plate in the photo it's from 1961.

And Boy Scouts used to sell apples, most of us however are used to the popcorn they sell every year in High River.

If you look closely, you can see the photos were taken in front of the Scout Hall.

Be Prepared: Guiding and Scouting in High RiverBe Prepared: Guiding and Scouting in High River