The team from Tim Hortons Okotoks presented a cheque to Baby It's Cold Outside (BCO) on Friday afternoon (May 31).

BCO was the recipient of the funds raised from this year's Smile Cookie campaign, totalling $16,207.65

Brad Woolcott, part owner of Tim Hortons Okotoks, is thrilled with the result.

"It's awesome that every year the cheque keeps on getting better. I know that the organization helped us out amazingly, and we're hoping for big things next year."

Founder of BCO, Pemale Morgan, shared in the excitement.

"This is one of our biggest contributions to the charity from any partner we've ever had... I can't say enough. Super privileged to be standing here today."

Since BCO does not operate based on grant funding, Morgan especially appreciates the initiative.

"No government grants, this is boots on the ground, building relationships, building partnerships, community support, and being a good neighbour. Being a good neighbour and taking care of each other, that's the important thing."

More information on Baby It's Cold Outside can be seen on their website.