Okotoks' Nooks & Crannies Festival makes a return this year.

The annual art festival sees art installments tucked away all across Okotoks' downtown streets, with each piece being made purely of recycled or "forgotten" materials.

It'll run from July 22 - August 26, but those looking to be involved as artists will have to move quickly.

The town is taking applications from all Alberta artists, though there are some criteria.

They have to use only recycled or repurposed materials. Participants will have access to materials from the Eco Centre a month before the festival if they need them.

The art pieces must not pose a risk to the public, fall or blow over easily, or block doors or alleyways.

Artists will also be responsible for recycling their artwork after the festival and will be responsible for repairing it if it's damaged.

Applicants have to provide a written proposal, a design, model, or sketch of their installation, as well as a list of materials they'll use. Artists must also include an artist/project statement and images of five previous works.

More information, including the application, can be found here.