Another abandoned Yorkie-style dog has been found in Foothills County.

Last week, five Yorkies were found near rural roads in the Foothills, all of them female, between five and eight years old, unspayed, and with matted fur.

Three that were found near 338th Ave north of Okotoks were taken in by Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue, with another two recovered near Priddis being cared for by the people who found them.

Founder of Heaven Can Wait, Kim Hessel, has confirmed another was found yesterday (March 27) near Priddis Valley Road.

The dog, believed by Hessel to be a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix, shows similar signs of neglect to the others.

She believes, based on their condition and the circumstances, that the dogs were abandoned by a backyard breeder once they were no longer of use.

The group of Yorkies are being cared for and are expected to be ready for rehoming in three to four weeks.