The Alberta government is doling out some more money for rural tourism.

The provincial government is increasing their funding to Travel Alberta by 14 per cent with the money being earmarked for rural tourism business.

"Through that increase I'm excited to announce an additional $10 million in provincial investment in support of rural tourism in Alberta. Over the next two years this funding will support the development of year-round tourism experiences in all corners of our province."

Todd Loewen, Alberta Minister of Forestry, Parks and Tourism made the announcement Tuesday morning.

The provincial government is looking at increasing the tourism industry to $20 billion over the next 10 years.

Loewen went on to say the focus will be on lesser-known rural areas.

"We must expand Alberta's visitor economy by providing enjoyable, enriching tourism experiences in rural Alberta beyond our big cities and the eastern slopes. By spreading out demand we spread economic and social benefits to all regions of the province."

This announcement relates to the government's Economic Development in Rural Alberta Plan which was announced in December 2022.