The Alberta Federation of Agriculture was in the gallery when the Throne Speech was delivered earlier this week.

AFA 2nd Vice President Humphrey Banack believes that agriculture and the Federation will play a key role in the Government’s plans going forward.

“AFA was the only agriculture group invited to take part in the ceremony. To my mind, this speaks to the solid working relationship that AFA has developed over the last nine months with the Government,” says Banack, who farms near Camrose.

In reading the throne speech Lieutenant Governor Lois Mitchell stated: "My government will set out plans to build on strengths in our economy – including in our agriculture and forestry industries – and to partner with communities and regions so they can act on their local economic strengths and opportunities."

Banack firmly believes producers will be involved in the broad policy aims outlined in the throne speech and a general farm organization such as AFA will be pivotal in that process.

These policy goals include a sustainable economy, an effective response to climate change, expanding agriculture’s workforce and diversifying the province’s economy beyond the cyclical price swings of the oil and gas sector.

Banack says the throne speech is a positive sign that the Government of Alberta and AFA can work together for the benefit of producers and the entire industry.