An annual manhole inspection in the Town of Nanton led crews to a water leak along 15th Street.

"We're just doing some maintenance on the water and sewer lines in the area," explains the Town of Nanton Operation Manager Bill Woytiuk. "There's older lines in the area, so just staying on top of things, so we don't have any major issues going forward. I mean, you've seen what's happened in Calgary. So, we are trying to avoid things like that."

The leak was found, because there was water getting into their sewer system.

"We have clay tile sewer lines and some of them are getting to 80 years old and just doing our annual manhole inspection and just noticed there's a higher volume of water than we normally see," Woytiuk says.

So, they brought in a camera crew to check out where the water was coming from, and they found water infiltrating into the sewer system.

"There's the water main that runs directly adjacent to it, so putting two and two together and assuming it's coming from that. Do some inspection and see what we find and get it repaired," Woytiuk.

Woytiuk says it's most likely an old or rusted fitting that's causing the leak, which is a common issue.

The work is expected to be completed between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and the work should be completed within the day.

There will be intermittent water disruptions throughout the day for the residents along 15th Street.

Once onsite, crews will dig down to locate the source of the issue.

From there, they will shut off the water to the area so they can complete the repair, then they will turn the water back on.

"Normally, water interruptions happen for an hour or two, something like that."

There are road closures anticipated at this time.

To stay up to date on water disruptions in Nanton, keep an eye on their Facebook page, and to report a leak, click here.