Starting this week (June 3), the Town of High River will be launching their sticker campaign.

This campaign will run until August 31st and will help to highlight any potential bylaw infractions that may be subject to fines in 2025.

With this campaign, members of the Public Works Division will place stickers on garbage bins to inform residents there are bylaw infractions that must be addressed in compliance with the new Solid Waste Management Bylaw.

Garbage bins that don't adhere to the new regulations may not be picked up.

The infractions that will get residents stickers are if the bins aren't at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from the nearest obstacle (such as vehicles and trees) to allow the garbage truck to grab and empty the bins correctly, unbagged household garbage and garbage sitting beside the bins, and overflowing bins, causing the lids to remain open.

The Town says that by working together and following the new guidelines, they can ensure a safer, cleaner, and more efficient waste collection system.

For the complete list of bylaw infractions and the potential fines in 2025, click here.