Man oh man! I knew one of these times someone was bound to cry and I thought I was prepared for it but I was not!

After our 4th Holiday Blessings was all finished and we left Sobeys I definitely had a little happy cry. 

We picked Elsa because she had a full cart of groceries and I am so glad we picked her to receive our Sobeys gift card, her first question was "Am I able to pass it on to someone else or donate it?" NOW THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ALL ABOUT.

As soon as I told her we had a second gift card to pay forward she already had a gentleman in mind that she saw shopping earlier! 

We found him right in time as he was just about to pay for his groceries, I unfortunately didn't get his name but he was SO HAPPY.

Elsa was brought to tears, I had to fight to keep mine in and that's when Elsa gave both cards to the man and asked him to pass one forward for her!

LIKE WHAT!? Isn't that the nicest thing you've read all day! I'm still on a high from this Holiday Blessings!

Please watch the video below to get a good cry going....and also remember do grocery shopping at Okotoks Sobeys until the 20th for a chance to be blessed.

It's all thanks to these wonderful sponsors: Okotoks Sobeys, Okotoks Nissan, South Trail Hyundai, Austen Jewelers and Fountain Tire Okotoks.

 ~Shayne on Midday 😁