A popular way for businesses to advertise is by using sandwich board signs.

In Okotoks, signs are allowed in the heritage mixed use district as well as all commercial and industrial districts with different sizes permitted for each area. These signs are allowed to be set out for a maximum of 12 hours.

Sam Burnett, Peace Officer for the Town of Okotoks, says while each business is permitted to have one sandwich board sign, they can still have other types.

"Sandwich board signs are classified in their own section and that doesn't prevent people from having certain other types of signs, like signs on their buildings through permits and temporary signs through permits," he explains. "A business is going to be authorized to have more than just one single sandwich board sign to advertise their business but it's going to have to be a different type of sign and it's going to have to go through a permitting process."

Burnett says it's important signs aren't obstructing roadways.

"When a business does have their 'A' board sign out it needs to be contained within their own private property, so they're not permitted to put it out on the boulevards and medians. That's the thing we come across with some businesses who are new or don't know and that's part of the education process we have with our businesses."

Burnett adds officers will educate residents before handing out a penalty but that the minimum fine for a sign violation is $1,000.

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